Get Involved

getinvolvedAt any given time, we may be running several projects concurrently. We review progress, update each other and share data science techniques at our monthly meetups. We occasionally hold mini-‘data’thons where we get together and tackle a few key questions related to a project in a collaborative, intense afternoon or evening. Most work however, happens asynchronously. This means that you are free to work at whatever pace and manner you prefer – find a group of people who share common interests and approaches, or work alone. Use R, python, Tableau, or COBOL – whatever you are comfortable with or want to learn. Develop simple but impactful bar charts, or use the latest statistical techniques to predict and understand. There is room for every skill-set and level, and the opportunity to learn from some very experienced people.

Since we are volunteer based, this is the opportunity for you to contribute in a way that makes sense to you. We have members of all skill levels ranging from students to working professional with decades of experience. We have data scientists, statisticians, programmers, researchers, economist, dba’s and storytellers. We offer an opportunity for you to learn new techniques and tools in a risk free environment. Your commitment level can range from simply attending meetings and offering your words of wisdom, to full-on participation as an engagement lead.   

If you want to contribute – there is a place for you regardless of your background. Come to one of our meetups or contact us and get involved in one of the projects. Help out where you can, as you can. You can help make Ottawa better!